What Rocket Launched Today? SpaceX Starship Flight Launch Date

What Time is Rocket Launch Today?
8:00 AM, Eastern
April 20, 2023

SpaceX Starship Flight Launch Date
Boca Chica Launch Schedule

Nasa Mission | SpaceX Mission | April 20, 2023, 8:00 AM, Eastern

Orbital test flight at Starbase in Boca Chica with 33 rocket engines awaiting launch license from the FAA launch expecting to be later in April. Webcast began around 45 minutes before liftoff. Scrubbed SpaceX Starship Orbital Test Flight on April 17th with backup launch window opportunity setup on April 19th pending green weather status. SpaceX teams are now targeting and working towards a new test flight launch for Thursday April 20th. The Starship SpaceX exploded minutes after liftoff causing a rapid unscheduled disassembly of the SpaceX Starship during mid flight.