The Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse On October 14th

Annular Eclipse October

Annular Solar Eclipse 'Ring of Fire' Observation Seen On Oct 14th 2023

You will be able to view all across the US, a space solar eclispe in october.

On Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023, North America and Central America, and even South America can experience seeing the solar eclipse space event.

In order to view the solar eclipse, We advise purchasing safety eclipse glasses. We have linked more information.

Where can you buy/purchase a set of Safety Glasses to View the 2023 Solar Eclispe?

You will need eye protection

We included more information on eclipse glasses at this link: Official NASA Solar Filters & Glasses Page

We are do not have affiliates with sales on glasses and strongly suggest purchasing them via official NASA partnered websites

For more information on safety we recommend the following guidelines.

We recommend you visit the Official NASA website for more information on purchasing these Eclispe Glasses in order to safely view the solar eclispe.

How to Safely View the Space Solar Eclipse on Oct 14th 2023?

Viewing the sun without protection is risky and during this space event the risk is higher even cameras, telescopes and binoculars must have solar filters placed in front of their lenses at all times.

Never look at the sun without proper eye protection and never use regular sunglasses to observe the sun.

We highly recommend acquiring a pair of ISO 12312-2 International Standard eclipse glasses in order to view the solar eclispe on october 14th safely.

For more information on safety we recommend following the guidelines.

When will the next Solar Eclispe occur again?

The last time an Eclispe occured was on May 20, 2012. Expect to see from this rare event a beautiful 'Ring of Fire'.

The Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon does not fully cover the sun leaving an outer thin layer appearing like a ring. The moon will only cover 91% of the sun's disk. This Annular Space Eclispe is expected to not happen again in the future until 2044 and 2046.

How to find live coverage of Annular Solar Eclipse on 2023?

Expect media coverage of the Annular 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse on October 14th. at 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m on live streaming services like X, YouTube and NASATV.