Ready For Launch Artemis 1 to the Moon since 1972.

Artemis 1 Mission

Artemis Mission

The Artemis moon mission will be the first manned mission to the moon in over 50 years since humans have walked on the moon. The mission is being designed and built by a consortium of international partners, led by NASA playing key role in achieving robust and sustainable presence on the Moon undert the Artemis Program. The mission will focus on exploring the moon's surface and conducting scientific experiments.

Artemis 1: Artemis Program Mission Launch Date Revealed in Florida

According to Earth Sky, the launch Date will blast off into lunar orbit due to the artemis mission program late May or June 2022, SLS on LaunchPad 39B, KSC, Florida Kennedy Space Center.

NASA has confirmed placeholder dates for attempting to launch Artemis 1 on August 29th, September 2nd or September 5th with a targeted rollout data of August 18th of year 2022.

Plans to send an unmanned Orion capsule on flight designed to establish a long-term astronauts presence on lunar surface, It's been 50 years (Apollo 17 in 1972) since humanity landed on moon. Plans send the first woman in 2024 to moon and international space station.

Updated Artemis 1 is 'Go' For Launch Officially, NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) with four RS-25 engines ready for the launch date by 29th of August 2022. The capsule named Orion will fly around the Moon and return back to earth after a total 42 days in outerspace.

Artemis 1 Lift Off will drop its empty propellant tanks into the ocean unlike the SpaceX falcon 9 boosters which return back to earth for re-use. The broadcast starts at August 28, 12 AM EASTERN for the begining of supercold propellant being loaded into the Artemis 1 SLS rocket.

This test flight Artemis 1 Mission (2022) is vital in sending astronauts into space for Artemis 2 Mission (2024). Artemis 3 Mission (2025) will be sending a crew to land near south pole region of the moon which is one out of the thirteen regions NASA designated locations of interest.

NASA's Wet Dress Rehearsal (WDR)

Trials started Friday, April 1, and were expected to wrap up on Sunday, April 3. The Rocket had various problems that started on Sunday For Wet-D dress-Rehearsal (WDR).

SLS Space Launch System (EM-1)

SLS was formerly known as EM-1. SLS — Space Launch System is being worked on since 2011, height of 322ft, producing about 8.8 million pounds of thrust during liftoff.

EM-1 Green Run Software & Computer Testing and the successfully Stage Green Run had many software tests, radio frequency Tests. Tested telemetry systems between both earth cell towers and vehicles.

(Artemis 1) SLS Computer Testing & Stage Green Run SLS

Testing resumed on April 12, 2021 and Thursday, April 14, 2021 at the Stennis Space Center.

Rocket RS-25 Engine Rocket is a reliable Engine. Each nozzle has to be certified as RS-25 Engine Nozzles to withstand the high pressure and extreme base heating, especially within the first two minutes of flight.

Artemis ii will be a crewed flight that will perform tests in Earth orbit. Artemis program will contain multiple missions. Artemis is originally named after ancient greece science fiction greek artemis.

2025 Artemis Mission Crew flight, (Artemis iii), Approximately two years after the unmanned Orion capsule four people travel a 236,000-miles-long (380,000-km-long) journey into lunar orbit and landing on moon. Nasa Astronauts will train for extended periods of time and simulate the orion spacecraft and artemis program.

Moon & Space Colonization

Primary Goal of Artemis is to journey return humans to Moon. However, beyond human spaceflight - operating space outposts, the concept of Space Colonization has been thought to include human's living on moon as mentioned in the colonization article.

A quote made at NASA, "…the goal isn't just scientific exploration… it's also about extending the range of human habitat out from Earth into the solar system..."