NASA (DART) Double Asteroid Spacecraft Collides with Dimorphos Testing

Dart Mission Collides

DART (Mission) Collision into Dimorphos

History Collision with a small asteroid named Dimorphos at 14,000 Miles Per Hour with 500 feet in diameter. NASA plans to on purpose crash the Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft into Dimorphos.

When will the live stream begin?

The Mission Broadcast begins at 5:30 PM Eastern on NASA Media Channel, you will be able to view the planned self-driving spacecraft DART mission.

Estimated Time the DART Spacecraft will reach Dimorphos the small asteroid?

Time of predicted impact for the DART spacecraft collision is set to be 7:14 PM Eastern on September 26th, Monday, 2022.

What was the Planetary Defense Redirect Test Mission?

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) was a mission attempting to use a method of testing deflection of asteriods from space. During the mission an Italian built CubeSat will be deployed by DART to capture images of the live event. The mission is deflect hazardous asteriods away from earth. Follow and read more in depth articles about the CubeSat & DART.

The target is known as Dimorphos and is about 525 feet across in size and scale. The spacecraft DART weighs about 1,210 pounds and is expected to crash into the target at high speeds about 4.1 miles per second with the plan of deflecting the targeted asteriod away from mother earth.