What Rocket Launched Today? Splashdown/Undocking Axiom-1 (Ax-1) Jacksonville

What Time is Rocket Launch Today?
1:06 PM, Eastern
April 25, 2022

Splashdown/Undocking Axiom-1 (Ax-1) Jacksonville
Jacksonville Launch Schedule

Nasa Mission | SpaceX Mission | April 25, 2022, 1:06 PM, Eastern

Axiom-1 SpaceX (Ax-1) Splashdown off-cost of Florida, Jacksonville from (ISS) international space station aboard the crew dragon capsule named 'Endeavour' an autonomous flight system vehicle. Michael López-Alegría, Eytan Stibbe (israel), Larry Connor (usa), Mark Pathy will re-enter the earths atomsphere within the vehicle crew dragon capsule.