What Rocket Launched Today? NASA Official Artemis I Rescheduled Launch - Scrubbed

What Time is Rocket Launch Today?
2:17 PM, Eastern
September 3, 2022

NASA Official Artemis I Rescheduled Launch - Scrubbed
Cape Canaveral Launch Schedule

Nasa Mission | SpaceX Mission | September 3, 2022, 2:17 PM, Eastern

Mission managers mention the bleed system itself may have not been at fault instead a sensor was faulty (temperature issues) and failed the test on August 29th, 2022. Nasa has announced Tuesday, the launch window for Artemis I will be moved to Saturday. The live NASA broadcast will begin on September 3 at 12:15 PM, Eastern (1:17 PM, CT). September 1 - Update, Weather looks good, and should not be an issue for the Launch window.September 3 - Artemis I Mission Scrubbed Again, a liquid hydrogen leak was encountered in the hardware transferring fuel into core stage of the Space Launch System Rocket. Possible Next Launch Window for Artemis I Mission 8/29 or 9/03