Three Russian Cosmonauts board the docked International Space Station wearing Yellow and Blue flight suits inspired by the Ukrainian flag.

russian cosmonauts aboard ISS wearing Ukrainian flag colored space suits

Three Cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz spacecraft (Soyuz MS-21) docked to International Space Station on March 18, 2022

Russian Soviet Cosmonauts Denis Matveev, Oleg Artemyev, and Sergey Korsakov arrived at the (ISS) international wearing yellow and blue flight suits the colours of the Ukraine flag.

Soyuz MS-21 rocket launched Friday at 8:55 PM in Russia (Baikonur).

It is said, the three Russian Soviet Cosmonauts Crew aboard the Soyuz MS-21 on March 18, 2022, decided to wear the colors, yellow and blue.

Which closely resembles the Ukrainian flag. The Russian flag was also a part of the flight suit. One of the Russian cosmonauts was able to pick a color for the flight before they arrived at the ISS and decided to pick Yellow and Blue.

Did the Crew of the Soyuz MS-21 choose their own flight suits?

Normally flight suits as the Soyuz crew prepare them months in advance of the rocket launch, however, this time it is believed they were one of the last items to be loaded onto the three-stage Soyuz Rocket MS-21.

The Soyuz vehicle can carry up to three astronauts and there have only been three total failed launches, the Soyuz 18-1 in 1975, Soyuz T-10-1 in 1983, and the Soyuz MS-10 in 2018.

Russian Cosmonauts arrived at the ISS

No Russian Cosmonaut "Officially" said whether or not, this was a political statement they decided on making while wearing the flight suits that closely resemble the Ukrainian flag colors.

When did the Russian Cosmonauts arrive at the ISS (International Space Station)?

Three Russian Cosmonauts smoothly docked at the international space station closer to four hours later.

What did the three Russian Cosmonauts aboard Soyuz MS-21 wear on arrival to the ISS?

According to recent reports and media outlets, these three Russian Soviet Cosmonauts on the first arrival of the ISS (international space station) had were seen wearing flights suits with bright yellow colors and blue accents colors. These colors are said to resemble the Ukrainian flag, which was a topic of conversation for many around the world. Many refer to wearing these colors as a form of solidarity for Ukrainian.

What day did Russian Soviet cosmonauts arrive at the international space station?

Three Russian Soviet Cosmonauts arrived on Friday after launching their Soyuz Spacecraft amongst the tensions over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Every Soyuz astronaut from space had been able to see the space station on Friday during the docking process.

How long was it until the hatches opened on the international space station after the Russian Soviet Cosmonauts arrived?

It took about 2 hours later until the Soyuz Soviet Cosmonauts floated into the international space station dressed in the colors of the Ukraine flag, wearing the Ukraine colours Yellow and Blue.

How is the current Nasa Russia relationship while aboard the Nasa International Space Station (ISS) after Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

Both space agency crews are working together professionally and have not affected the operations of the Nasa International Space Station.

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